Why do you want to volunteer?

  • I want to make a difference: In 2012 volunteers made an unprecedented difference in the United States! Nearly 7.9 billion hours were volunteered, and the estimated value of this service is close to $175 billion.
  • I want to meet new friends: 64.5 million Americans, including youth, students, adults and seniors volunteered in 2012. So you’re in good company with 64,499,999 potential new friends when you volunteer!
  • I want to learn new skills: Volunteering is the perfect way to learn new skills, or even hone the ones you already have. There are many different volunteer opportunities for every kind and every level of skill. What will you learn?
  • I want to grow my career: Volunteering connects you to an incredible network of other professionals who volunteer. You can work side-by-side with a leader in your field or a hiring manager at the company where you’d really like to be. In fact, volunteers have a 27% higher likelihood of finding a job after being out of work than those who don’t volunteer.

Volunteer Your Way


From the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex to the Texas countryside, you can always find a volunteer opportunity close by in North Texas.


No matter how much or how little time you can volunteer, there are plenty of opportunities that fit your unique schedule.


Everyone brings something to the table. From accounting to the arts, or consulting to counseling, and everything in-between, someone needs the skills you already have.

Volunteering is for Everyone

  • Youth: Volunteering at an early age teaches responsibility and establishes a strong work ethic and a willingness to serve others.
  • Students: Students gain unmatched real-world experience, are better prepared for a career of service, and may even meet many educational requirements.
  • Adults: 1 in 4 adults volunteered in 2012. From working professionals to stay-at-home parents, adults can contribute their valuable knowledge and skills to the community.
  • Seniors: The lifetime of experience senior adults bring to volunteer opportunities can be one of the most valuable contributions they make to the community.
  • Families: The benefits of volunteering together bring family members closer and teaches good values that are passed on from one generation to the next.
  • Groups: All kinds of teams, clubs, religious and civic organizations can achieve so much when they work together as a group.